Hello, We Are Double Click Design

A digital design house. We specialise in building digital workflow systems, communication channels, digital brand platforms, cyber security and safeguarding.

If you have an idea that relies on technology we are "the company" that can turn your vision into a reality. Simply put, we are a technology innovation company. We take big corporate ideas or your own personal pipe dreams and create applications, platforms and scalable digital infrastructure.

We are not your typical agency, for starters we don't do any print, make your business cards or design your next corporate brochure. What we do is very specialised and that is why we call ourselves a digital design house. We design and innovate using technology as our delivery canvas. We create intuitive second nature experiences that are simple to use and elegant to interactive with.

We help brands connect with their consumers and streamline workforces to improve productivity.

We are always forward thinking and never shy away from a challenge. We love what we do passionately and along with our collective experience of more that 50 years in the technology and innovation sector make us a shrewd choice of partnership. We form strong family bonds with our clients and treat their objectives as our own. We craft and design software for peoples' needs, not for vanity sake.

Our work is diverse but to give you an idea of what we can do for you, here are a few examples.

We can streamline your corporate workflow, create bridging applications to transfer data in real time from one platform to another, share information securely between companies across the world or between internal departments. We can design and build customer focus communication channels or that next App tool for the needs of sales or engineers in the field. We can help secure your existing digital assets against cyber crime and implement digital procedures to help safeguard your business and employees.

Services & Disciplines

Our collective experience spans over 50 years in the technology and innovation sector makes us a shrewd choice to partner with.

Part consultancy, part software design house we blend these two disciplines into a friendly non threatening human experience. We can create a myriad of solutions for our clients, but the only one that we always recommend is found by getting to know our clients' wants and needs personally and by addressing their problems with honesty and integrity.

"...Technology used well is the most effective 21st century tool on the planet. However technology for technology sake is a recipe for bad customer experiences and stressful working environments".

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Here is what our clients say about us.

Our clients are very vulnerable people so having a secure database is an essential part of our safeguarding policy. With the help and guidance from Double Click Design Ltd we have been able to achieve our goal.

Thanks to these boys my phone never stops ringing with good quality sales enquires. Their website, SEO and marketing campaign has helped me grow my business from strength to strength. I highly recommend Double Click they give an excellent service, straight talking and you can have a laugh with them.

With a fixed if not limited budget I needed guidance, professionalism, and trust.

My project took on midway through by Double Click Design who planned a new cost effective logical specification and achievable time frame. I also needed a means of seeing the project progress in a trust-able transparent way. The end result was a very satisfied project completion.

In conclusion not only do I have up and running software, I have the confidence when I need future maintenance or security updates that it will happen with the same goodwill and certainty.