Nothing makes us happier than coming up with brilliant solutions...

Our business culture is one of relaxed formalities, open collaboration and professional execution. We are not afraid of a challenge and we support individual personal goals not just workloads.

We like to be different and believe this is the reason for our success. We place a greater emphasis on body and soul not just brain power here at Double Click Design Ltd. All staff our encouraged to go to the gym and eat healthily. We have taken this so much to heart that many of our staff train together at the start of every working day.

We believe this is essential to allowing us to be all good team players, support one anothers' personal goals and celebrate each others successes. We also like to let off a bit of steam in a relaxed none work setting and have a bit of fun.

This helps us with our work life balance too, most staff train at 5:00 in the morning and are in the office by 8:00. By the end of the normal working day they leave on time and spend the evening with their love ones not sat at a desk working late into the evening.

This keeps our staff sharp and more productive without burning out or feeling they are just working for a wage. This inward look at the office culture we maintain and the health of us as individuals creates better end products for our clients and keeps us passionate for moving them forward.

If you want to know more about us or our unique business culture, get in touch. We don't employ sales people and everyone in our team is an expert in their specialised field. We love coming to work and yes, we do get excited every time we meet someone new. So what are you waiting for???

Mark Barton (a.k.a - The Boss)

Creative Director, UX Developer & Brand Consultant

Mark is an original ".com" guy and was one of the first people in the UK to start an internet design service focusing on creating bespoke software and cutting edge user experiences. He created a bespoke workflow system for a company and took them from 120k annual turnover, with only 2 staff members, to 1.5 million in less than two years with 8 full time staff.

To date Mark continues to work with high profile clients on both national advertising/marketing campaigns and bespoke workflow infrastructure to better manage company resources and internal processes. Clients include: -

Morrisons PLC, ALDI, TESCO, Arco, Cranswick PLC, Youngs, Cumbrian Seafoods, Warburtons, McCains and Guinness.

I'm passionate about finding what makes your brand tick and implementing creative solutions to take them to next level

Paul Stevenson (a.k.a - The Lifter)

Software Developer, Linux Engineer, Cyber Security Guru

Paul wears many hats in the company. He is a PHP MVC Software Developer, Linux Server Engineer and our Cyber Security Guru. He has a Bachelor Degree in Software Design & Development, 10 years industry experience working with a range of clients.

Paul has worked with a wide range of clients and projects. He has written internal systems for lone works safety devices and also designed real time systems for Lincolnshire Police which used cellphone masts to track suspects movements. He has also designed a number of CRM portals and digital workflow platforms for various digital safeguarding processes. He was also the lead technical consultant for Wembley stadium customers seating software.

Paul is also trained in using all the latest cyber security techniques and currently provides penetration testing for companies.

I love to be challenged with tasks that have never been done, this is where my creative flare can shine

Kevin Revill (a.k.a - The Golden Goose)

Lead Software Developer

Kevin has over twenty years experience within his sector and a deep passion for innovation. He is a highly skilled, solution focused PHP and MySQL developer with creative flair and a deep understanding of scripting in current mobile and internet based technological platforms.

Kevin has worked in the internet field since 1997, and began his career with one of the UK’s largest ISPs (PlusNet). From there he moved on to become a Senior PHP Developer and worked for the business startup: “britishinformation.com.” Kevin completely revamped their business model, turning them from an £11k per annum business to a £980k per annum business within 3 years.

Kevin has worked with a large number of premium blue chip clients, writing bespoke internal workflow systems for :-

Cola-Cola, TESCO, G4S, BBC, Skipton Building Society and Brakes.

I love finding elegant solutions to put in order the chaos of company infrastructure and workflow

Anita Cooper (a.k.a - The Perfectionist)

Senior Account Manager

Anita has over 40 years experience as an Senior Account Manager and is essential to the smooth running of the company.

Anita manages our bespoke internal workflow system and customer administration. She is the lady that always has her figure on the business pulse and helps keep everyone informed and moving in the right direction.

She is also tasked with developing procedure and processes to move the business forward and is our key liasion when we need to deal with third parties.

I enjoy working together with clients to deliver tailor made solutions

Krishna Sellamuthu (a.k.a - The Fixer)

Kiosk Designer & Lead Installation Specialist

Krishna is our fully trained and field harden I.T network installer. He has spent over 10 years installing and laying every type of network you can think of. Some people say Krishna has laid more cable than Italians have eaten spaghetti, but that might be just because of his love of old episodes of Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

When Krishna is not laying cable you can normally find him in our Double Click workshop building Point of Sale Kiosk desks and futuristic I.T furniture for trade show and conferences.

I love using technology and practical craftsmanship to blend seamless user experiences.