We love meaningful Partnerships

Let's be 100% honest. Let's start the right way and face the challenges of the world together.

We could tell you about our unique approach and that we are not like typical design agencies, something that we pride ourselves on. We could tell you that we like to make our clients stand out from the crowd and we treat our clients like part of the team.

However, which ever way we put it, its just marketing spin and let's be honest you've read and heard this a hundred times before! Right???

All you really want is a level of honesty of what your going to get from a digital company like us. So let's start it off the right way...

Simply put we have over 50 years of collective experience in the technology and innovation sector. We have personal knowledge of what works and more importantly what does not!

We blend technology and human interaction into a seamless experiences. This is done by our unique way of looking at the world and meaningful communication with you the client. This is our USP! Together with one key philosophy is what make us Double Click Design Ltd.

It may seem cliché or even cheesy but we believe that we are..."only as good as our last job" that is why we suggest you check out what our clients say about us below, not what we can write about ourselves. We feel this is the true test of our services.

Below is feedback from our clients. It is unaltered and unedited. It comes from the client heart and is complete with the odd spelling mistake and occasional grammatical error. We want to present this in it truest form, unaltered or clearned up for sales purposes.


Here is what our clients say about us.

Our clients are very vulnerable people so having a secure database is an essential part of our safeguarding policy. With the help and guidance from Double Click Design Ltd we have been able to achieve our goal.
Thanks to these boys my phone never stops ringing with good quality sales enquires. Their website, SEO and marketing campaign has helped me grow my business from strength to strength. I highly recommend Double Click they give an excellent service, straight talking and you can have a laugh with them.
With a fixed if not limited budget I needed guidance, professionalism, and trust.

My project took on midway through by Double Click Design who planned a new cost effective logical specification and achievable time frame. I also needed a means of seeing the project progress in a trust-able transparent way. The end result was a very satisfied project completion.

In conclusion not only do I have up and running software, I have the confidence when I need future maintenance or security updates that it will happen with the same goodwill and certainty.